Old Mission San Luis Rey

Mission San Luis Rey

  • The largest of all the 21 California missions, Mission San Luis Rey is home to a community of Franciscan Friars and is open daily to the public in the Franciscan tradition of heritage and hospitality
  • Home of the Friars (14 currently in residence).
  • National Landmark – Part of California 4th grade curriculum and a spiritual oasis for North County
  • Focused on Spiritual Development of adults through our retreats and daily noon Mass
  • Focused on healing the grieving through our cemetery
  • Involved in homeless outreach

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San Lui Rey Parish

Mission San Luis Rey Parish

  • A faith community in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Served by the Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. Barbara
  • A multi-cultural Parish
  • Meets the sacramental needs of 4000 families and welcomes all into God’s inclusive love
  • Outreach to the Poor
  • Works toward social justice

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Franciscan Friars of St.Barbara Province

Franciscan Friars of St. Barbara Province

  • Attract and form young friars throughout the southwest, California and Oregon
  • Care for the elderly friars who have served our ministries for many years
  • Minister through Missions, Parishes, Food Banks, Healthcare Services, Homeless Services

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