The Franciscan School of Theology is committed to embodying Franciscan theology in a religiously and culturally diverse world. In our living, our learning, our relationships, and our community, we address both the head and the heart by integrating the pastoral and academic dimensions of theological study.

Our power to touch the world comes through our graduates, both Friars and lay, who are building up a more merciful, hopeful, joyful Church and world. Rebecca Freeman (MDiv 2016) came to FST as a certified Child Life Specialist. As part of her Ministry Seminar Capstone Project, Rebecca designed a prayer and meditation kit for hospitalized children and their families to help them work through the difficult journey of pediactric illness. With her degree from FST and her Field Education experience, she was accepted into a Clinical Pastoral Education residency at UCLA Medical Center-Mattel Children's Hospital.

As a hospital chaplain, Rebecca works with the patients and the medical teams in three areas:  labor and delivery, adult palliative care, and the neotatal intensive care unit (NICU). Her ministry involves serving people in some of their most joyful, and most difficult experiences.  The welcoming of new life is often celebratory and uplifting. Rebecca is there to help families process the wonder and gift of new life.

At times, however, in the midst of anticipated joy, comes challenge.  Some families -- and the hospital medical team serving them -- see hopes, dreams, and joy interrupted, or even ended.  In these instances when the newborn struggles and is admitted to the NICU, Rebecca helps to hold the family’s pain and anxiety and minister to them with the love and compassion that is such a part of the Franciscan tradition.  At the same time, she works to support, comfort and build the team of medical care-givers who also share the family’s feelings of concern and pain. Likewise through her work in adult palliative care, she brings compassion, love and the arms of Christ and St. Francis to hold these families through this difficult transition. 

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